Who is PhZD? (Pronounced fa-zed)

PhZD is a duo from Flint, Michigan, and they treat music as an art form. They focus on using their experience to craft emotionally charged music that is simple, but hardly simplistic. Most of the time the music they release can be categorized as ‘Hip-Hop/Rap’ but PhZD refuses to be limited by a genre. The duo refuses to play it safe with their music and tries to push the envelope with every track that they create. The two of them create everything that you hear without anyone else getting involved in the process. This isolates them in a way that allows their sound to grow independent of their local music scene and dynamic/chemistry to develop more and more every hour they spend in the studio. They are a force to be reckoned with and we’re excited to see what they have in store.

The PhZD Philosophy:

(The following is adapted from a moment of conversation to give you an idea of who The Aura and Phi.ll really are)

All of your favorite music, or rather music that you remember, made you feel something. And feeling something in music doesn’t mean it has to be on the level of complexity of Mozart or Chopin. Music can get you through your worst moments, or even amplify those moments to catastrophic levels of rage, hate, and self-loathing.

Even music that you absolutely hate, you remember because it made you feel something. In that case those feelings were likely disgust or contempt, but you felt something. And that’s the ultimate goal of PhZD, make someone, somewhere in the world feel something.



Phi.ll (Pronounced fi – two)

“Phi.ll” (Phill Walker) is the voice of PhZD. He got his start in his younger years by humming his own melodies over songs he heard and eventually he was approached to write hooks for his friends and then other artists. As time went on, Phi.ll wasn’t satisfied with his words not being executed to their full potential and after a year of persistent nagging from good friend and record producer, The Aura, he decided to become an artist himself. The Aura and Phi.ll later formed the duo PhZD. Phi.ll is very active in his local community and is working to create a brighter future for the youth of his hometown.

The Aura

“The Aura” (Benjamin Aurand) is the sonic palette of PhZD. The Aura is a classically trained instrumentalist who spent almost two decades perfecting his technical ability while studying theory and composition. He delved into engineering and production to create his own compositions before entering college. During which he devoted the majority of his time to independently learning how to use all of the tools to create music, and whatever was leftover would go to working on his degree in actuarial mathematics. The Aura claims that Phi.ll was the only person to really believe in him since the beginning of his journey, which, in combination with Phi.ll’s ability, is why The Aura agreed to form the Duo.


Together, they are pioneering their own sound, focusing on musical interpretation rather than structure like much of today’s popular music, and trying to break the mold of the modern artist.


Looking for more?

Find PhZD on all platforms, latest release “Chill Hop” here.